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5% off on purchase of 5 or more products

Grace Yourself in 2020 with Latest Jewelry Trends

Grace Yourself in 2020 with Latest Jewelry Trends

May 03, 2020

All beautiful ladies who want to outshine know the importance of jewelry in complimenting their dress-up, make-up and hairstyle. Ladies are also aware that when they embrace luxury Indian jewelry or cubic zirconia jewelry, the grandeur is unbeatable. To top the charisma of pure silver fashion jewelry that you want to wear, buy some handpicked fashion jewelry from the I2T store. The magnificence is at its peak at the I2T jewelry store because here you can find an array of unique designs of fashion jewelry for women. Along with that, when you buy jewelry from the I2T store, you can be sure to follow new fashion jewelry trends as the I2T store offers its customers trendy sterling silver jewelry too. Some of the popular jewelry trends of 2020 are listed below:


Even men know that women's casual or formal look is incomplete without a pair of earrings. So, earrings are the first to follow the change in jewelry trends. Talking of 2020, drop earrings are in vogue, so whenever you go out to shop pairs of earrings this year, do not miss to check out cubic zirconia earrings or sterling silver earrings which will facilitate you to be the talk of the town without pinching your pocket. 

Multiple Necklaces:

Gone are the days of one fine necklace, the trend has shifted to multiple necklaces at one go. Yes, the trend of wearing layered necklaces is leaping. One short and simple necklace is added with a long necklace to showcase a unique style statement. Follow the style and glue the eyes in the party on you. Multiple necklaces won't go over budget if you buy them out of sterling silver necklaces and pendants or cubic zirconia necklaces range as offered by the I2T store. 


This type of traditional wear is an evergreen trend when you are going to buy luxury Indian sterling silver jewelry. Along with the matching earrings and necklaces, if you will buy sterling silver bangles or cubic zirconia bangles, then you do not need anything else to grace your attire. 


Whether we talk of fashion jewelry for teens or fashion jewelry for women, we cannot miss mentioning bracelets. Sterling silver bracelets, cubic zirconia bracelets, and other finely designed bracelets are perfect wear for a formal or casual event especially when you do not want to overdo your look with bangles. Buy a dazzling line of the bracelet and flaunt your wrist. 


Deep colored gemstones studded in sterling silver rings, sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets, etc. are popular in 2020. So, you can enrich your collection of modern jewelry by bagging CZ fashion jewelry crafted with multi-colored gemstones.