5% off on purchase of 5 or more products

5% off on purchase of 5 or more products

latest silver & cz jewelry sets | i2t jewels

Jewelry sets are a combination of earrings and necklaces. They can range from tiny pendant sets to high-end necklace sets and thus can be worn on various types of formal and informal occasions.

All the beautiful ladies who look for buying ladies jewelry online always explore jewelry sets before buying earrings and necklaces separately as in jewelry sets they get matching earrings and necklaces and they can wear them separately also. So, the benefit of two in one and that too at affordable pricing makes jewelry sets popular amongst ladies. Furthermore, jewelry sets are loved by women because they can choose their style statement from very light to heavy sets to fit all types of occasions viz. office gathering, parties like wedding, anniversary, birthday, cocktail party, etc. and even for an informal gathering with friends, family or kitty parties.

To cater to various occasions and preferences of different ladies, we house a variety of jewelry sets. Some of the trendy designs of jewelry sets with us are:
●   Pink Quartz: The Quartz shaped pendant and the dangling earrings in lovely pink color can gel well with your sober and elegant formals. This piece is so beautiful, decent, and evergreen that it will blend with your casual attire as well.
●   Blue Sapphire Cubic Diamond Set: Those who want to give a touch of royalty to the overall appearance, can grace themselves with this piece. Whether you wear a long gown, a saree, suit, lehenga, or even a formal office-wear suit, this piece boasts off your personality, unlike anything.
●   Lemon Citrine Cubic Diamond Fashion Set: This is a subtle design and color that you must possess as it graces all types and colors of attires and outshines your personality without making it gaudy.
●   White Pearl Pendant and Earrings Set: This piece of silver fashion jewelry carries the unbeatable magnificence and passes it to the one who wears it.
●   Bridal Silver Necklace Set: It is another piece from our collection that cannot be missed out while mentioning sparkling CZ jewelry pieces. As the name suggests it is mesmerizing enough to grace even the brides, so if you are the would-be bride or if you want to give competition to a bride then bagging this piece is a must.  
●   Clover Set in Beaten Gold: A distinguished design of jewelry sets is the Beaten Gold design that we have. This is very fashionable and suits women of all ages. The charming blocks attached with the chain have an explicit grandeur.  

Our exotic collection of jewelry sets is the main reason that justifies your purchase from our store. Besides, unique designs and a wide range of jewelry sets online on our store, ladies can relish the premium quality products which makes it hard for the viewer to distinguish between the fashion jewelry and real jewelry. If you want the people around you to be envious of your possession, then our jewelry sets give you this opportunity. Above all, you can bag such beneficial products at such lucrative pricing that would amaze everyone. Additionally, our store is a one-stop-shop for different types of jewelry pieces as along with jewelry sets, one can buy necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, etc. at our store. Our customer-centric approach enables us to satisfy each of our customers. Our prompt delivery is another appreciable service that is liked by our existing customers. New customers can also rest assured of our secure payment gateway similar to our existing customers. Since there are so many benefits of buying at our store, without a second thought go ahead, check out our range, buy jewelry sets, earrings, necklaces, rings, or other jewelry pieces from our store and experience the charm of being the center of attraction of a casual or a formal gathering.